Asymptomatic individuals received four surveillance scans each year at an annual cost of $9,600, experts wrote Thursday in JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery. 

Boston-based Medically Home offers imaging via portable scanners, while patients requiring MRI or CT are transported to a facility and then brought back to their residence

Boston University utilized artificial intelligence and thousands of knee MRI scans to help develop the metric, dubbed “subchondral bone length.” 

NYU scientists developed their computer program using more than 5,200 radiographs gathered from 3,000-plus critically ill coronavirus patients treated at the institution. 

Some cardiologists vow to go out with their scrubs on, says St. Vincent Heart Center’s Mary Norine Walsh, MD, as she recalls an interventional cardiologist who declared that when he left the cath lab, he’d be gone for good, not doing “office work.”

When is it time to retire? It’s a knotty, uncomfortable yet inevitable question.